Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A lot of randoms...

I hate it when it rains like this. Arkansas really sucks in that aspect.

I have to memorize a monologue tonight. And I don't feel like I can. Boo.

I bought a headscarf today! And earrings! YAY!

I don't hate my science class [yet]!

The end.


Lucas said...

I like to call your randoms "quickies."

I'll bring an umbrella to Arkansas, and if you want I'll leave it with you.

DramaticlyCorekt said...

....i love you.
ps. i'm back on blogspot. so now you can't yell at me for not posting.

Alex said...

Oh c'mon, Hon, the rain's not so bad compared to the sickeningly sweltering heatmidity.