Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sometimes I can be the kind of person even I'd want to be friends with.

But then other times, I'm dramatic and needy and stubborn and jealous.

And I hate it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Where in the world is Paducah, Kentucky?!

Okay so I've already told most of the people that read this about my weekend, but I will recap some pretty amazing highlights....

1. Really long car rides with Seth :)
2. Going to Wal-Mart like crazies at midnight to get Twilight.
3. Flamingo Row. Good food...bright colors.
4. Dippin' Dots?!
5. Walking around downtown and being "that couple".
6. Still not understanding what "bubble tea" is.
7. Going to Superman's HOMETOWN! Ohhh ohhhh!
8. CRACKER BARREL! (First time ever. I was deprived...)
8. Seeing "I Love You, Man". Slappin' the bass.
9. Crazy song leaders in church...?
10. Spending the whole weekend with one of my best friends :)

I laughed a whole freaking lot during this trip. It was nice to get away...again, since spring break was just last week. It was nice to be accepted into a family of truly incredible people. I really have very little motivation for school the rest of the semester. This is bad, guys.

BUT- now on to school work and spring sing and MY SISTER COMING TO VISIT and trying to figure out summer plans....yeah...

Oh, and girl's night tonight...that consisted of "Secret Life" and "J&K+8"? Yeah, that should happen more often.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break '09

Hey, I had a good time.

Thank you, Louisiana and helped me discover more about myself than I thought I would this week. And to you guys, too...


I guess I'll let everyone else write about the drama, but I had a lot of FUN.

::Legally Blonde! Pancakes at Kevin's? Baton Rouge! Joe's Crab Shack. Baby Mama. Ridiculous lunch after church. College group Sunday night. Watching everyone play v-ball. New Orleans! Photo shoot time. That magic guy? Sephora for WAY too long. Making wishes in the fountain. Snowballs? Crawfish. Nick and Nora = "best" movie ever? Baking cookies. Driving in the rain. Driving way too fast. Eustace! Applebees. Chicken Express tea. Sydney White on the big screen. FRIENDS. Watching a one-act. Texmex. Hot tub! Dallas! Sam Moon. Mall. Dave & Buster's. Baking cookies. And staying up wayyy too late.::

I love you guys.
And thanks for letting me skype with Seth almost every night :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"I haven't done that since high school..."

If you've been around me for more than two hours at Harding, you've probably heard me say the above phrase. It's always a joke about something absolutely ridiculous that no one that I know or am friends with (or myself) would EVER do, but it always gets a laugh, which is my main goal in almost everything that I say anyway.

The point: I think about high school a lot.

I always think about how many people I was friends with (that is NOT meant to sound the way most of you probably heard it), the different groups I would interact with, the teachers whom I would visit every day during breaks, and the different sports teams I was a part of. I played soccer all four years, and ran indoor and outdoor track for my first two years. After that, I did the spring musical. (I did the fall play my senior year, but I joined during show week only because someone got sick.)

Chosing to go away to college was one of the easiest and most difficult decisions I've ever had to make. Part of this might have to do with the fact that my two best friends chose to go to the same school...15 minutes away from home. Probably 90% of my graduating class stayed in NJ...and the majority of them went to community college. Another 5% of my class was divided between schools in PA or DE or something of the sort. People just...DIDN'T leave. But I did.

I look on facebook at the people who are still bffs with the people they were in high school. They know each other SO well, and continue to make memories that will probably last long as they all stay in their NJ friend pool. And I know I'm out of the loop on a lot of things when I go home. I can't possibly be as involved in everyone's lives like I wish I could be while still focusing on my life at school. It would wear me down. And it's sad...and I miss home a lot. I miss high school a lot.

Am I writing this to say that I regret going 1100 miles away to school? No. Just stating something that often crosses my mind. I wouldn't be who I am today if I didn't leave NJ and go to school where I am now. I know that my high school reunions will be interesting, because while I know that so much of me is still the Mary that everyone knew in high school...most of them wouldn't recognize me by who I am now.

If I didn't come here, I wouldn't have met some of the most amazing people I will ever be blessed to know. I am blessed beyond all reason. I am surrounded by people who care about me. I am surrounded by people who love. And while I thought that high school was the time of my life, college is proving to be pretty amazing, too.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Was it worth it?

So this weekend, Tessa and I had the bright idea of going to Abilene. This would be a weekend with 18 hours spent in a car, none of those hours involving studying. Ashley was soon convinced to join, and we were off to Texas. We saw "Little Women: The Musical" and it was ABSOLUTELY IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE!

This weekend was very necessary. It was great to get away with two great friends, great to see my second family again, great to just get up and GO somewhere, great to hang out with new people....great great great.

But then there were things that weren't so the fact that Ashley and I went to bed at 5 in the morning last night because we had to compose our Design boxes. Yeah. We watched all of "Mean Girls" and "Rent" the deleted scenes and alternate endings. I don't have time for naps anymore with the addition of my new costuming job, and so I pressed on. I skipped a class today to make time for lunch with a certain someone I've missed, and everything for the rest of the day kind of fell into it's crammed little place. I still have Children's Theatre Company papers to be writing...and I won't finish that until tomorrow morning. Why? Because it's almost 1 am and I QUIT TODAY!

And I think tomorrow might also include cleaning our dorm? Hahaha.

Sometimes you just need to sit in a study room with a blanket and lay your head on someone's shoulder...with the fact that you're together being the comfort that makes you want to keep on.


I'm fading fast. I just needed to update quickly before all of this blacks out of my memory when I hit the bed.

Hey, I know that I'll look back at all of the stupidly amazing things I did in college and be glad I did them. I was afraid I'd regret taking a mini vacation to Abilene. But my friends, it was worth it.

That, and I'm sleeping with Amber during spring break? :)