Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break '09

Hey, I had a good time.

Thank you, Louisiana and helped me discover more about myself than I thought I would this week. And to you guys, too...


I guess I'll let everyone else write about the drama, but I had a lot of FUN.

::Legally Blonde! Pancakes at Kevin's? Baton Rouge! Joe's Crab Shack. Baby Mama. Ridiculous lunch after church. College group Sunday night. Watching everyone play v-ball. New Orleans! Photo shoot time. That magic guy? Sephora for WAY too long. Making wishes in the fountain. Snowballs? Crawfish. Nick and Nora = "best" movie ever? Baking cookies. Driving in the rain. Driving way too fast. Eustace! Applebees. Chicken Express tea. Sydney White on the big screen. FRIENDS. Watching a one-act. Texmex. Hot tub! Dallas! Sam Moon. Mall. Dave & Buster's. Baking cookies. And staying up wayyy too late.::

I love you guys.
And thanks for letting me skype with Seth almost every night :)

1 comment:

Courtney said...

ohnine doesn't bark...he says
oooOOoo OOooo!
love you! so glad you came along for the trip!