Monday, March 23, 2009

Where in the world is Paducah, Kentucky?!

Okay so I've already told most of the people that read this about my weekend, but I will recap some pretty amazing highlights....

1. Really long car rides with Seth :)
2. Going to Wal-Mart like crazies at midnight to get Twilight.
3. Flamingo Row. Good food...bright colors.
4. Dippin' Dots?!
5. Walking around downtown and being "that couple".
6. Still not understanding what "bubble tea" is.
7. Going to Superman's HOMETOWN! Ohhh ohhhh!
8. CRACKER BARREL! (First time ever. I was deprived...)
8. Seeing "I Love You, Man". Slappin' the bass.
9. Crazy song leaders in church...?
10. Spending the whole weekend with one of my best friends :)

I laughed a whole freaking lot during this trip. It was nice to get away...again, since spring break was just last week. It was nice to be accepted into a family of truly incredible people. I really have very little motivation for school the rest of the semester. This is bad, guys.

BUT- now on to school work and spring sing and MY SISTER COMING TO VISIT and trying to figure out summer plans....yeah...

Oh, and girl's night tonight...that consisted of "Secret Life" and "J&K+8"? Yeah, that should happen more often.



Sarah said...

I was at walmart at midnight too! It was ridiculous here. And as for #8, you most certainly were deprived. :)

Courtney said...

8. heck yes you were deprived. crazy Yankee.

and....sitting on our butts for 3 hours+ sweet tea+ desk time should happen all the time! it is YES

Anonymous said...

4. Dippin' Dots: pretty much the best thing ever
6. Bubble tea is complete amazingness. It's a cultural experience
8. Yes, deprivation is the correct term- definitely one of my favorite restaurants ever!

Austin said...

For real, love bubble tea more than just about anything.

Anonymous said...

One of your best friends is RIGHT!! OOOO OOOO!!!!

-Megan J W- said...

have you never had dippin' dots before??!! crazy crazy.

also, girls night should def happen more often. not that we dont all hang out now, but just the girls would be fun