Monday, March 2, 2009

Was it worth it?

So this weekend, Tessa and I had the bright idea of going to Abilene. This would be a weekend with 18 hours spent in a car, none of those hours involving studying. Ashley was soon convinced to join, and we were off to Texas. We saw "Little Women: The Musical" and it was ABSOLUTELY IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE!

This weekend was very necessary. It was great to get away with two great friends, great to see my second family again, great to just get up and GO somewhere, great to hang out with new people....great great great.

But then there were things that weren't so the fact that Ashley and I went to bed at 5 in the morning last night because we had to compose our Design boxes. Yeah. We watched all of "Mean Girls" and "Rent" the deleted scenes and alternate endings. I don't have time for naps anymore with the addition of my new costuming job, and so I pressed on. I skipped a class today to make time for lunch with a certain someone I've missed, and everything for the rest of the day kind of fell into it's crammed little place. I still have Children's Theatre Company papers to be writing...and I won't finish that until tomorrow morning. Why? Because it's almost 1 am and I QUIT TODAY!

And I think tomorrow might also include cleaning our dorm? Hahaha.

Sometimes you just need to sit in a study room with a blanket and lay your head on someone's shoulder...with the fact that you're together being the comfort that makes you want to keep on.


I'm fading fast. I just needed to update quickly before all of this blacks out of my memory when I hit the bed.

Hey, I know that I'll look back at all of the stupidly amazing things I did in college and be glad I did them. I was afraid I'd regret taking a mini vacation to Abilene. But my friends, it was worth it.

That, and I'm sleeping with Amber during spring break? :)


Ashley Nicole said...

bawwwww!!! sleep=state of mind. NO nap time, im pretty for positive im going to bed at 9 tonight. it was sooo worth it though, even if just for the sake of creepy old evangelizing truck driver.

Anonymous said...