Monday, April 12, 2010

The big girl world

I took another step into the big girl world today. I filed my taxes for the first time.

I know that may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but it is to me. My father [gently] nudged me out of the nest, and I had to file my taxes. I was scared. I thought I would owe the government billions of dollars. It turns out that the government feels bad for me...and wants to give me some lovin' in the form of dollar bills. So, taxes aren't so scary anymore.

The reason I'm glad about my refund is because I've been saving up for a long time now to buy a car. It has been difficult trying to live off of and save the same paychecks that come every two weeks. Sometimes I'm better at the spending part, and other times I'm better at the saving part. But I think I've got a pretty decent amount put away to get myself something that will get me around for awhile. It will certainly be weird...I'm 22 and have never owned my own car...but I am beyond ready. Ask anyone.

I was also just on the phone with my dad and told him about my summer plans. I sound like a busy woman. I'll be working full time at the preschool, doing Drama for UPLIFT, and being a part of "Nunsense II: The Second Coming" at a dinner theatre at my school. A vacation to Florida with my boyfriend is thrown in there, too, as well as a trip home (or two?).

The Pipers leave for our Spring Tour tomorrow evening at 6:30. Destination: PADUCAH, KENTUCKY! I'm no stranger to this place, but I'm still SO excited!!! I absolutely love Piper tour, love being in Pipers, and can NOT imagine what my life would be like if I was not a part of this group. I know people rep their clubs all the time...but everyone should want to be a Piper. It's better than a club; It's a family.

So, here's to homework on the road, staying up too late, losing our voices, eating junk food, and loving soooo many children.


Jhoy E. Meade said...

Hi. :)

This isn't a comment other than to say that I'm sorry about your mom and that filing your very own taxes is an interesting step in your life. :)

What I really wanted to let you is that your background design from "The Cutest Blog On The Block" is gone. They had a storage problem and had to change hosts, but you seemed to have missed it.

If you need help fixing it let me know. But you can just click on the link they left on your page and read their instructions.

Later. :)

GodLoveandBows said...

Your blog is cute. Hope things start to look up for ya. Hang in there. :)

TheAdventuresOfMe said...

Your blogs are really good :) im writing some myself but i think that yours are better.....Good luck :) and chin up!!!!