Saturday, January 17, 2009

I love Harding so much...

. . . that I think I'm making my 4.5 years here into a full 5 years.

::runs into a corner and hides:::

It's not official yet, but I've been thinking about it. And I will absolutely HATE my next two semesters if I have to take 20 hours for both of them. And then I'll be one of those awkward people who graduate in the Fall Semester...where nobody thinks you're graduating and so nobody cares to say goodbye. (WE MISS YOU, JARED!) But seriously, I'd rather ENJOY my last semester(s) here at school. And with the Bible and chapel requirements, it's almost an achievement if one graduates in 4 semesters anyway. AND I have an excuse . . .I dropped my intended major and added a double major halfway through my sophomore year. Genious, right? So I think I might do that.

I'm in no hurry to graduate, anyway. There's nothing pulling me out. "The rest of my life" will still be waiting for me when I leave.

I meet with my advisor on Wednesday. I'll let you know how that goes.

OH! And I have encouraging friends :)


Laurney_liz said...

so...i think you should stay. cause i'll still be there! ha. but seriously...i made the same decision. i could be out a semester earlier than i'm going to be...if i took 18 hours ever semester...and 3 summer school classes. ugh. it's not worth it girl! live up you life before you have to go into the real world and be responsible!
hope the meeting goes well!

courtney said...

heck yes you have encouraging friends! and im going to be one of those people who graduate in the'd better say goodbye OR ELSE!