Saturday, April 26, 2008

I don't really have a title for this:

Please pray for my dad. He's in the hospital. Again. My mom is worried. mom never worries.

He hasn't eaten since Tuesday. The doctors think he needs surgery, so they plan to operate on Monday. The thing is- he's heart isn't ready to deal with an operation. That isn't what they will operate, but his heart needs to continue BEATING during the operation, correct? Things aren't right, people. The conditions are not what they should be. My dad had 2 heart attacks when I was in kindergarten (any jokes about me being a terror child and I'll slap you), but my mom told me that his heart really hasn't been checked on in about 10 years.

::blink blink::


And so I put on my strong front. I'm getting so good at this.

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