Friday, February 13, 2009

Pathetic female theatre major, anyone?

Opening night was amazing. My cast was fabulous and I couldn't be happier with the way they handled the night.
On the other hand, I was thinking about how Mr. Miller couldn't see my show because he's overseas. It's hard when the teacher who taught me HOW to direct and has worked with me as my director on 4 shows so far didn't get to see MY show. But I learned to deal with it and got over it. So I thought...
Mr. Lynn came to the show last night with his family. I was very excited. Well, his daughter got sick after Anna's show, and his wife left with their son and he had to leave with his daughters. I started to freak out before the lights when up for my show because he had left the I wanted to see if they could hold the show or anything. I was comforted by Anna and Megan, and the show started. I was later informed that he watched about half or more of my show from the light booth, so that made me smile a little. Bringing this up in class today was not the smartest idea on my part. He told me that he was in the booth, checking on the techies, for about 5 minutes, and then left.
He didn't see my show. And he can't come another night to see it.
And the second I hit the door to leave, I started crying.
My parents can't be here. My family can't see what I've done. What I've poured my soul into for the last...what seems like forever. It's hard to think back on anything before plans for this show.
I guess I'm just overly emotional right now. This week has been a lot to handle.

And Seth, I'm sorry I cried all over your jacket.

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-Megan J W- said...

still super sucks that miller couldnt see our shows...

and im sorry lynn couldnt see yours :-(

but the other two saw it on an amazing night! and he knows how awesome you are!!